Prefix does Medicaid modernization without the pain of a multiyear project

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Speed to Implementation

Prefix stood up a benefit eligibility site in Arizona for six different programs in 8 weeks.  Consumers in need and deserve speed and ease in the resulting software.

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Speed and Quality

Our technology is built on the latest Cloud technologies with no constraints imposed by a twenty five year old legacy code base.

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Fast and Scalable

Because we use modern containerization and autoscaling we can accommodate tens or thousands of consumers per hour.

Prefix gives the Medicaid eligibility system a modern face with modern capabilities

1. Initial coverage

Prefix helps the client at initial application in gathering the necessary information, condensing information for quicker review, and submitting it to state Medicaid backend systems.  We offer multiple channels for communication, making sure we meet the consumer where they are at while giving the reviewer the best tools for accurate review.  Medicaid modernization begins with the face to the consumer

2. We respect time

Our goal is to maximize the productive time of the consumer and the reviewer.  We offer both prescreening and pre approval steps in our process to minimize the chances a consumer will waste time.  Our technology supports auto adjudication while simultaneously making the manual reviewer's job easier.  To achieve high volume, while minimizing fraud and error, every application only moves to the next step when it passes an easily configured set of tests.

3. Know where you are on individual applications and in the aggregate

Both applicants and reviewers know exactly where they are in any process no matter how complex.  Prefix will notify on important steps in a process and measure the time between any step to make sure the process stays on track.  And because everything is tracked at the individual level it can rolled up for analytics and dashboards.

The Prefix Medicaid Vision