• Steve Grant

Introducing Prefix Health Technologies

Prefix Health is a modern technology platform for Medicaid eligibility. We built Prefix from the ground up to address all of the stakeholders in the Medicaid system: Government, Managed Care Organizations, Providers, and Patients. Our overall aim is the make the Medicaid system a positive for its citizen members and for the tax payers that fund it. Medicaid is known as an essential program for so many citizens, yet is plagued by waste, fraud, and inefficiency. Our goal is to give Medicaid members the best quality technology for keeping them eligible for the program, while protecting the funding integrity of Medicaid against extremely serious fiscal challenges that states are currently facing.

We would love to discuss Prefix with you and show you our software and get your suggestions. Whether you are with Government, and MCO, a provider, or a citizen who has had trouble keeping coverage. Please drop us a line.


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