Manage churn, ensure accuracy

Eligibility made easy for everyone

Our technology enables consumer-focused eligibility implementations across multiple use cases.

Our mission

How do we help everyone involved in an eligibility process?

Accelerate and Scale Eligibility

We help you track every stage of the eligibility review journey, accelerating and scaling each step of the process.

Ensure Accuracy

Our platform supports efficient and accurate determination of any kind of eligibility, safeguarding your bottom line.

Predict and Reduce Churn

We use the latest technologies to predict at- risk consumers, reducing churn with targeted communication.

Engage Members

Prefix enables the creation and push of branded messages and content to keep consumers engaged.

Our platform

Our solution scales to meet your needs

A responsive web application with an intuitive dashboard experience for tracking and managing members.

For MCO's

A quick and accessible way to engage with incentives, ensure eligibility, and provide continuous enrollment.

For Consumers

Track Consumers

Case file views to see where an individual is in the an eligibility process. 


Income trend analysis, assets, and smart suggestions provide actionable insights.

Who we help

Built to empower MCO's, Providers, Social Service Agencies, and Government

Managed Care Organizations

Get the analytic and predictive tools you need to make a difference in your business operations and to manage the risk your members face.

Health Care and Social Service Providers

Get the tools you need to ensure seamless eligibility and payment for any contract you provide services for.


Get the accuracy and efficiency you need to manage and assure eligibility of members. 

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The future of eligibilty determination is here

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